• Sudsawat Jitsupa 1Etihad Airways
  • Parida Brahmaputra Rajamagala University of Technology Thanyaburi
  • Sasinan Setthawatbodee Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage
Keywords: The Needs of using Information, International Airline


The purposes of this research were: 1) to study the needs of Information usage and Information usage problems of international airline passengers 2) to compare the needs and Information usage problems of airline passengers in different status 3) to find recommendations on the operations of providing Information services to international airline passengers. The sample group used in this study was Internal airline passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport in the period from October - December 2019 of 400 people. The size of the samples was determined by using the calculation formula of Taro Yamane at the 95% confidence level and the error of 5%. The tool used to collect data was a set of questionnaires. Statistics used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation, independent t-test and F-test

          The results showed that international airline passengers demand Information in overall at a high level (gif.latex?\bar{X}  = 3.68, S.D. = .66). Information on prohibited items in the destination country was at a high level (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.23, S.D. = 1.42). Information usage problems of international airline passengers in overall at a low level (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 2.37,  S.D. = .68). Information about on boarding aircraft was at a moderate level (gif.latex?\bar{X}  = 2.68, S.D. = 1.06) when comparing the use of information and information usage problems among passengers with different personal factors were found to be no statistically significant difference at the .05 except for personal factors related to travel characteristics, there was a statistically significant difference in information usage problems at the .05.


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