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ภาณัฐ พัฒนวงศ์


This research was a survey and quality research. The objectives was to study quanity, type of business, spatial and races distribution of Thai-Chinese ethnicity Business in Yaowarat Area. The population of this research are Entrepreneurs trading commercial 6 types such as Restaurant, Seasoning shop, Pharmaceuticals shop, Chinese style Furniture & Home Decoration shop, Gold shop and Automobile accessory shop were 27 executive of Prototype entrepreneurs. Data were collected by GIS Survey, in-depth interview and descriptive and analysis.

The research found that, The Distribution of Thai-Chinese Ethnicity Business in Yaowarat Area were mostly have Clustered distribution around Yaowarat Road (Soi 6 and Soi 8), Plaeng Nam Road and Phadung Road and some area have Random distribution coverage research area such as Wat Samphanthawong School area, Soi Phathumkongkha and Soi Pharidphol. The Interview about 74 percent of all   had domicile from Chaozhou Kejia Fujian Guangdong and Hainan by each business have density and distribution pattern in different area such as The Chinese style Furniture & Home Decoration Shop is on Songsawat Road, Yaowarat Road (Soi 6), Plaeng Nam Road, Phadung Road and China Tower area. The Seasoning shop is on Soi Itsaraphap, Soi Pharidphol, Plaeng Nam Road and Ratchawong Road. The Pharmaceuticals shop is on 2 side of Chareonkrung Road from Sua Pha intersection to Phapphachai intersection, Plaeng Nam Road and Phadung Road. The Gold Shop is mainly on Yaowarat Road and The Automobile accessory shop is on Yaowarat Road (Soi 3). Although there are many businesses on this small area But


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