LINE program Apply for Job Delegation for Village Health Volunteers

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This research study is a qualitative research. The objective of this research was to study the application of LINE program as a tool for job delegation of Village Health Volunteers (VHV), Ban Si Uthumphon Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Nong Krot Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Sawan Province. Conducted research by study the function of LINE program for delegation from knowledge sources, study of internal communication in ograization, train on the application of LINE programs to target groups, try to use LINE program for job delegation and performance evaluation of using LINE program by focus group meetings, interviews and experimentation. Data were collected by asking, analyzing and summarizing the data according to the objectives of the research project, Village Health Volunteers, consisting of 40 people.

The results of the study and experiment with LINE program as a tool for assignment of the Village Health Volunteer groups found that the delegation for  the Village Health Volunteers and the Health Volunteers Performance Reporting can be done quickly in an urgent time. As for the results of the health assessment of the Village Health Volunteers by using LINE program, it was found that the Health Volunteers were assigned to work or ordered quickly and can make it to the area to work quickly along with being able to send the results online while visiting the area. The director and group president to monitor, solve problems and request the Village Health Volunteers to immediately repair the data.


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