An Experimental Study on Psychotherapy for Women with Major Depression

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Mariam Omar Din
Noraini Md. Noor
Rahmattullan Khan Abd
Wahab Kahn


An experimental study was conducted to test the effectiveness of clients-centered therapy (CCT) for the treatment of major depression. 30 women aged 15 to 55 reported with the main symptoms of major depression were randomly assigned to two groups; 15 treatment group and 15 waiting list as control group. The treatment group undergone four individual hourly therapy sessions within a period between 8 to 12 weeks. A one way ANOVA using the pre and post BDI assessment indicated significant effect of CCT (F = 8.71, p < .01, ES = .24) Follow up assessment was also conducted to observe the extent of therapy-client interaction effects. Qualitative data and subjective opinion of the subjects were also presented to support the results.

Keywords: psychotherapy for women, major depression, experimental study

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Omar Din, M., Noor, N. M., Abd, R. K., & Kahn, W. (2017). An Experimental Study on Psychotherapy for Women with Major Depression. The Journal of Behavioral Science, 3(1), 1-15. Retrieved from
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