Changes in the new author’s submission process from 1 March 2023
The Journal of Behavioral Science invites all authors to submit their manuscripts on the Thai_ES (TCI-Thaijo) system.

1. Authors are recommended to carefully read and follow the "Instructions to Authors".

2. Submitted manuscript should be in format of the journal. Authors should click and check the "Format sample paper JBS" before sending in their submissions.

3. Authors should check and submit the Checklist for submissions 

Publication Fee

Authors need to pay a handling fee for publishing with the Journal of Behavioral Science (JBS). The payment amount (applicable as per the BSRI guidelines) and the payment policy letter would be sent to the author once their submission gets initial acceptance by the JBS editorial team. Currently the JBS charges a handling fee of Thai Baht 2000/ (two thousand only) or an equivalent amount in US dollar.

Kindly note that this fee covers the minimal charges for processing the paper and does not mean that the submission would be published since each submitted work undergoes a rigorous process of double blind peer review only after which the submission can be published.