Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities that Affected to The Purchasing Behavior in Nakhonpathom Province

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Yongyut Srisawat
Dara Teepapan
Krisdaporn Rujithamrongkul
Rawadee Surisrapun
Chananchida Kitprasert


This purposed of this research are (1) To study the personal factors that affect the purchasing behavior of consumers in the Nakhonpathom province (2) To study the relationship of the corporate social responsibility activities that affected the purchasing behavior of consumers in the Nakhonpathom province.

This research is survey research. The sample group is consumers 18 years and over of age that live in Nakhonpathom province which was survey by used questionnaire and received total of 400 responses. The statistics used for data analysis are t-test, one-way ANOVA and Correlation Analysis.

The results found that most of them are female, between 31-40 years of age, have a bachelor's degree employees of private companies with an average monthly income of 10,000 - 30,000 baht. Based on the hypothesis testing, it found that different gender have different purchasing behaviors, with different age, education level, occupation and income have not different purchasing behaviors. Corporate social responsibility activities of the organization correlated with the purchasing behavior of consumers with statistical significance .05.


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Srisawat ย., Teepapan ด., Rujithamrongkul ก., Surisrapun ร., & Kitprasert ช. (2021). Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities that Affected to The Purchasing Behavior in Nakhonpathom Province. Vocational Education Central Region Journal, 5(1), 43–49. Retrieved from
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