Design and Create Vacuum Smoothie Blender Equipment

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Saenphol Klomhaw


Design and Vacuum generating equipment smoothie blender is an experimental research. The purposes of this research were to: 1) Design and Vacuum generating equipment smoothie blender. 2) Finding efficiency of a smoothie blender vacuum device. The samples consisted of : 10 diploma students and 10 high diploma students total of 20 people. The instrument is five-scale questionnaire. The statistics analyzed quantitative data were mean, standard deviation. Qualitative study.

The research results are as follows. 1) Design and Vacuum generating equipment smoothie blender. There is an electrical circuit design using a 12 volt direct current circuit. Through a 5 ampere fuse for safety. There is an electrical switch with a lamp indicating the operation. Connected relay a 12 volt 30 amp relay to control the 12 volt 500 mA diaphragm vacuum pump, power 6 watts and vacuum circuit design by using basic pneumatic circuits consisting of suction-side diaphragm vacuum pump capacity 5 L/min, create vacuum pressure - 65 kPa, maximum pressure 120 kPa, noise less than 60 decibels with a weight of 321 grams, there is a vacuum polyurethane PU-OD x ID 4 x 2.5 mm, heat resistant -25 to +80 0c, pressure not exceeding 30 bar or 450 psi, length 1 meter, orange color, there is a ball valve on-off, vacuum system has a non-return valve, prevent backflow air into the system, with quick-wear valve and there is a breeze connected to the smoothie blender to vacuum the air from 0-23 inch mercury (inHg), and with evaluation results from experts found that smoothie blender vacuum forming equipment is lower than the market price, safe for operation Able to use it in the same manner as in the market. 2) Smoothie blender Vacuum generating equipment has percentage efficiency. Able to create a vacuum of a maximum of 23 inches of mercury (inHg), is 100 percent efficient and is 2 - 6 times cheaper than other brands.


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