TNI Journal of Business Administration and Languages is taking publication ethics into account 

Ethics and roles of related parties are as follows.

Roles and Duties of the Author(s)


1. The work submitted for consideration must be a new work and never been published anywhere else.
2. In the case of using other people's information/work, the author(s) must reference that information/work and prepare a reference list at the end of the article(s).
3. The author(s) must report the facts that have occurred without providing false information or misrepresenting information.
4. The author(s) must prepare the article according to the editorial requirements of the TNI Journal. Details of the requirements can be found at the Author Guidelines menu.
5. If there is a source of research funding, the author(s) must specify the source of fund.
6. If there is a conflict of interest, the author(s) must disclose the information about the conflict of interest.

 Editorial Roles and Duties

1. Editor(s) must consider the quality of articles to be published in journals.
2. Editor(s) must not disclose the author's information and assessment information to other persons who are not relevant.
3. Editor(s) must not have conflicts of interest with the author(s) and reviewer(s).
4. If there is any concern/ or doubt, editor(s) must find evidence to prove that concern/ or doubt and do not deny publication of article(s) because of their own concern/doubt.
5. After the article passes the assessment process by the reviewers, editor(s) must select article(s) to be published by considering the benefits, modernity, clarity and consistency of the article content to the policy of the journal.
6. Editor(s) must use a reliable program to check plagiarism to ensure that every article published in the journal does not copy the work of others.
7. Editor(s) must not have any conflict of interest with the author(s) and the reviewer(s).
8. If plagiarism is found, editors must stop the article review process and contact the author(s) to allow the author(s) to clarify and bring that clarification information into consideration for decision making either "continue the article review process" or "stop the article review process".


 Roles and Duties of Reviewer(s)

1. The reviewer(s) must maintain confidentiality without disclosing information of articles submitted to other unrelated persons.
2. When receiving an article from the editor(s), the reviewer(s) seeing that they may have a conflict of interest with the author(s), such as knowing the author personally or other reasons that make it impossible to conduct an independent assessment. The reviewer(s) should refuse to evaluate the article and notify the reason to the editor(s).
3. The reviewer(s) should notify the editor(s) if found the article(s) that the author(s) does not refer to but they is important and consistent with the article being reviewed. In addition, if found that the article is similar or duplicate to another article, the reviewer(s) must notify the editor.
4. The reviewer(s) should consider accepting assessments of specific articles in the field of their expertise and should consider the quality of the article and the importance of articles for that field
5. The reviewer(s) should not use personal opinions that do not have evidence to support the decision.