Develop 3D Map Signal Strength Surveying System for Cellular Mobile Phone

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Triratana Metkarunchit
Kiarttipum Charoenpojvajana
Sarunyoo Srivichitranond


The purpose of this research is to develop a 3D map signal strength surveying system for cellular mobile phone. Currently, the traditional cellular signal surveying is generally done by walking or driving while carrying the measurement device which greatly limited the surveying area. The survey in this research uses new method, by using a 250mm quadcopter with an application-installed mobile phone, so it can easily measure the signal strength. The application on the mobile phone is used to measure the signal strength, latitude/longitude coordinate and timestamp, send it to the server via cellular network in real-time, and also store it into local database. The quadcopter also has a barometer and GPS (global positioning system) installed. This information can be accessed by GCS (ground control station) via radio link. This system uses information from both mobile phone and GCS, display it in form of 3D signal strength map that will benefit for quality of service of cellular mobile networks.



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