IT Governance Practices of Local Government Units (LGUs) in Cavite

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Ronald L. Pancho


The study involves governance in community space that includes activities at a local government unit (LGU) in Cavite. The research purpose is to align IT governance (ITG) practices to good governance principles (GGP) implementation of LGUs in Cavite for proper IT decision making process. The study used descriptive research design and utilized the entire population of sixty one (61) respondents for the twenty three (23) LGUs in Cavite. An adopted questionnaire was used to elicit answer from IT officer and IT staff in the LGUs-IT Department. The ITG practices and GGP implementation in the LGUs in Cavite is positively related and has a moderate to high coefficient. This means that an increase in ITG practices enhance GGP implementation in the LGUs IT Department in Cavite. However for proper IT decision making, the LGUs in Cavite in implementing the good governance principles should enhance and give more emphasis for those with low coefficient such as principles of effectiveness and efficiency, transparency, responsiveness, equity, and accountability.



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