Taxonomy based Self-Assessment Report System for Educational Quality Assurance

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This research aims to develop taxonomy base document management for electronic self-according to the hierarchical relationship of organizational structure and quality assessment standard. The owners of information are able to classify and manage document files into related categories by using multiple tags. The users who want to use the documents for reference can navigate, search and find the required information easily by using tag filtering and use the information without any duplicate. This taxonomy based self-assessment report system is used as the Intranet system of faculty, program and committee to report the achievement throughout the academic year and submit the reports of Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (TQF) such as TQF3-6 with the system timestamp as the evidence to ensure the timely submission. These reports of accomplishment and TQF are very important references for making the self-assessment report of faculty/program. The survey result from assessors and quality assurance related persons shows that the average satisfaction score is 4.20 from 5 with the highest satisfaction of “Ability to apply in your organization” and “Ability to link information/reference efficiently in preparing E-SAR”, respectively.


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