Managing Business Innovation With Web Technology To Reach Hybrid Consumers

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Prajak Chertchom


          Managing business innovation with web technology is a critical issue for Thai SME (Small and Medium enterprises) entrepreneurs. The statistics of secondary data had shown that the second important factor that has had an impact on B2C (Business to Customer) model businesses is the management of online commerce and the way entrepreneurs design and create websites to reach customers.

          This study proposes the guidelines for designing information architecture of an e-commerce platform (model B2C) by understanding future online society in Thailand and new consumers’ behaviors called hybrid consumers who have a second life in the internet world and interaction with companies that combine physical and virtual transactions.

          Design/methodology/approach – Use of qualitative methods and specially structured interviews with fifty selected young generation individuals, web design specialists and secondary data to see the trend of technology and demand site.

          Findings – The study has found that

          Firstly, 74.0% of Thai companies are using the B2C type.

          Secondly, significant information has shown that 70.8% of them are using ready pavkage websites which are web 1.0 technology.

          Finally, the finding in this research showed that a new platform must transform the user experience for buying on-line into something personal and unique.

          Originality/value – There is plenty of advice on creating a website or information architecture but no actual model or B2C platform. In terms of reaching new hybrid consumers, this study provides an understanding of them.


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