Computer Program Development as a Teaching Aid for Soil Mechanics Laboratory

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This research was to develop the computer program for soil mechanics laboratory instruction. It consists of analysis 3 parts as follows: education part, analysis part and self-testing part. This program was composed of 15 sub-programs that it was written by using visual basic language together with database and it could report not only numerical formats but also graphical results. In classroom, the developed program together with PowerPoint presentation was applied to instruct soil mechanics laboratory subject. The effectiveness of this program was evaluated by 50 students in items as follows: easiness of usability, accuracy of results, rightness of subject matter and satisfaction. From the evaluated results found that it could increase effectiveness of learning of students and help them to understand easier of theory, procedure and results shows. Evaluation values of satisfaction were 4.61 of 5.00 scores. This evaluation was summarized that it was good standard and it was capable to use in instruction.


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