Potentiality and Readiness of TNI Students for the Work in Organizations

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Penkhae Prachonpachanuk


The main aims of this study were to find out the students’ opinions concerning their potentialities and readiness for work at organizations in the areas of academic, vocational and experiences. The students’ opinions and suggestions concern the preparation for work were also complied. Five hundred and seventy-six students were randomly selected for the study. Data analysis was made by various types of statistic: percentage, mean (gif.latex?\bar{x}), S.D., t-test, F-test, Scheffe’s Method and Content Analysis. The results came out that the students’ potentiality were in average level and readiness for work was in low level. The students suggested varieties of teaching method and training activities. The “Monozukuri” and “Practice-Oriented” teaching methods and techniques as well as field trip to place activities should be arranged.


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