The Analysis and Assessment of TNI Students’ Grade Performance on their English Language Proficiency

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Thomas del Castillo


          The purpose of this study is to see how to improve Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) students’ English skills.

          The researcher has divided the research into different parts. The initial part was to randomly monitor 63 students’ grade performance for four consecutive semesters. While the second part of the study dealt with the impact of how different faculties affect students’ performance in their English classes by randomly selecting 90 students from 5 different faculties which are Business Japanese, Automotive Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Industrial Management.

          Secondary data was gathered from the Office of Registration and Education Services. The researcher has implemented various kinds of data analysis including percentage growth rate, mean, standard deviation, Anova test and Tamhane test.

          Results were as follows:


  1. Students’ performance decreased as the course became more difficult.

  2. The composition of student grades changed dramatically from high grades (A to B+) to middle grades (B to C+) upon taking ENL101- ENL202.


  1. There is a difference in students’ performance in English from different faculties.

  2. Business Japanese students outperformed students from other faculties.


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