Improvement of Working Method to Reduce MUDA of Raw Material Storage Process in Warehouse with Operation Analysis Techniques: Case Study of Automotive Parts Industry

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Vithinut Phakphonhamin
Swiss Sribenjapanon


   This research aims to reduce the wastes (7 Waste) that happened from Transportation and Over-Process of the process of storing raw materials in the warehouse. With the standardization of work from timing and note the work of employees with Operation Analysis Chart form, bring the data to create a database (Database) by analyzing the elements of the work with Yamazumi Chart tools to find the waste. In the process of work, data collection, and current conditions study found that the longest walking distance of raw material storage per pallet was 322 m / pallet, 11.5 minutes after adjustment with ECRS tools to eliminate the waste up in the work process and creating a working standard that helps to reduce The longest walking distance for raw material storage per pallet is 110 meters/pallet, 6 minutes/pallet, resulting in a 65.83% reduction in raw material storage time and walking distance decrease in inventory storage 47.82%


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