Human Capital Development Model for Private Higher Education Institutions

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Jutamas Thanthikul
Chumpon Rodjam
Cholpassorn Sitthiwarongchai
Chutikarn Sriviboon


   This article aims to study the Human Capital Development for Private Higher Education Institutes Development and to create appropriate model for Human Capital Development Model for Private Higher Education Institutions (HKM Model). According to the study, the appropriate model is Human Capital Development Model for Private Higher Education Institutions, consisting of (1) Human Capital, divided into 3 things: intellectual capital, social capital, and emotional capital. (2) Knowledge management is divided into 2 categories: tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. The process of knowledge management in the form of Nonaka (1994) is SECI Model consisting of S (socialization), which is the transfer of knowledge within the person. With the media C (Combination) is the transfer of explicit knowledge, and I (Internalization) is to recognize the explicit knowledge. (3) The main mission of private higher education institutions, with the main goals of higher education institutions divided into 4 areas: learning management system, research, academic services, and arts and culture preservation.


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