Factors Affecting the Performance of Natural Rubber Export by Road Transport through Border in Songkhla Province

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Piyakorn Pornpeerawich
Noppadol Suwannasap


The objectives of this study were: (1) to study the present situation in Thailand impacting the performance of natural rubber export by road transport through border in Songkhla province; (2) to study the factors affecting the export of natural rubber by road transport through Songkhla Province; and (3) to establish ways to collaborate with government and private organizations to develop potential factors affecting exports in terms of natural rubber transport through Songkhla. This research was conducted using the Delphi method. The sample consisted of 19 experts from 3 major specialist groups, including 7 people from population group, 7 people business group and 5 people from government group. The data were analyzed by median and interquartile range.

The results found the factors affecting the performance of natural rubber export by road transport through border in Songkhla province. These factors consisted 8 factors. There were: (1) Factor Conditions (2) Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry (3) Demand Conditions (4) Economics (5) Politics (6) Society (7) Technology, and (8) Transports system. The research results can be classified by objectives as follows. 1) Thailand's rubber situation It is intertwined with the global economy, which has an impact on rubber export prices and volume. 2) Factors impacting rubber exports by road Passing through Songkhla province, it was discovered that the elements impacting rubber transportation by road were divided into three categories: vehicle, service, and location. 3) Guidelines for establishing prospective export factors in the context of rubber transit through Songkhla. The Thai rubber sector has discovered that inter-agency communications is important.


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