Does Export Promote R&D and Innovation in Enterprises? Empirical Evidence from Chinese Industrial Enterprises

  • Liao Wenlon Nanjng University of Science & Technology, China
  • Chen Xiaoyi GuangXi University of Finance and Economics, China
Keywords: Export R&D, Innovation Effect Propensity Score Matching


          In order to reveal the relationship between export and R&D innovation and improve the R&D innovation effect of Chinese enterprises’ export. This paper used the method of Propensity Score Matching to study on the data of 20394 enterprises in database China’s industrial enterprises from 2005 to 2007. The results show that export has significant R&D and innovation effects, such effects are the strongest in the year of export and gradually reduce over time. Large scale enterprises have stronger export R&D innovation effect. The effect of domestic enterprises is stronger than that of foreign enterprises. These results suggest that China should vigorously support enterprises to go abroad, encourage enterprises to take the path of independent innovation, so as to give full play to the R&D innovation effect of exports.


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