Step 1: Submission Authors initiate the submission process by submitting their manuscripts through the user-friendly ThaiJO online system. This ensures a seamless reception, processing, and review by the ASI editorial team. The online system streamlines the submission process, maintaining organization and consistency for efficient review and publication.

Step 2: Initial Evaluation ASI conducts an initial plagiarism check using an internal system. Manuscripts with a plagiarism percentage exceeding 30% (excluding the reference list) face immediate rejection. Subsequently, the Editor-in-Chief assigns a Section Editor for a comprehensive assessment of the article's structural components, figure quality, and references. If deemed satisfactory, the submission proceeds to the review phase. This process typically concludes within 1 week.

Step 3: Assignment of Reviewers ASI employs a double-blinded review system with a minimum of 3 expert reviewers. Authors' names, affiliations, email addresses, and acknowledgments are anonymized by the editor before inviting reviewers. Invited reviewers should be affiliated with institutions distinct from the corresponding author. This step generally takes 1-3 weeks.

Step 4: Review Process and Duration

  • Reviewer Instructions:
    • Reviewers provide detailed and constructive comments within a 4-week timeframe.
    • Comments aim to assist authors in improving their manuscripts.
  • Timeline:
    • Review process spans 3-4 weeks, ensuring thorough evaluation.
    • Author identities remain confidential during the review.
  • Feedback Evaluation:
    • Editor assesses reviewer comments and manuscript adherence to publication conditions.
    • Decision options: accept, reject, or request revisions.
  • Additional Reviewers:
    • If initial reviewer feedback lacks depth, editor may invite additional reviewers.
    • Divergent opinions may prompt extra review before the final decision.
  • Decision Communication:
    • Editor conveys the decision (acceptance, rejection, or revisions) and relevant comments to authors via the online system.
    • All comments and suggestions maintain anonymity.

This streamlined process ensures comprehensive and constructive feedback for authors, contributing to the manuscript's enhancement and adherence to publication standards.

Step 5: English Editing Accepted manuscripts undergo grammatical checking by a native English editor, a process completed in approximately 2 weeks.

Step 6: Proofreading Authors are engaged in proofreading, addressing queries raised by the language editor, and improving figures with low quality. The corresponding author signs a copyright transfer form on behalf of co-authors, ensuring completion within approximately 1 week.

Step 7: Typesetting Producing editors commence typesetting of the accepted manuscript within approximately 1 week.

Step 8: Publication of the Manuscript The finalized article is published online promptly upon completion of all processes. It receives a volume, issue, and article ID, with a DOI assigned for permanent identification.