Coverage of Local Development Issues in Regional Newspapers of Bangladesh

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Dilruba Akter
Siddique Ahmed Azad


By making one area of a country aware of other regions, their people, arts, customs, and politics, the mass media, an important conduit of local development, can convey knowledge and services about the latest information. Local development is the process of improving the living conditions of the local people by coordinating efforts among many local agents, social, public, and private, in order to make the most efficient and long-term use of available endogenous resources. Regional newspapers can play a significant role in the advancement of a region's local development by emphasizing the publication of news about local development. The goal of this study was to find out how local development issues were covered in regional newspapers of Chattogram, often known as Bangladesh's Port City,  a major coastal city and economic center. According to the findings, during the study period, regional print media in Bangladesh covered roughly 12% of local development issues on average, rather than non-development news. The Daily Daily Azadi, as compared to The Daily Purbokone, focused on local development issues the most. Both newspapers underlined the importance of local infrastructure as a topic for local development.


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Akter, D., & Azad, S. A. . (2021). Coverage of Local Development Issues in Regional Newspapers of Bangladesh. Asia Social Issues, 15(1), 249557.
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