Domestic Violence and Its Impacts on Children: A Concise Review of Past Literature

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Orapan Khemthong
Thanavutd Chutiphongdech


Studies on domestic violence are largely of the opinion that women or wives are the most affected. As it can often be seen that activities involving women are victims of this incident, but in fact, domestic violence affects all family members, especially children. But they always get help after women, and the impact activities on children are less and less widely discussed. Children are valuable for national development, but domestic violence is detrimental to children; it results in them being in a stressful environment, where they are usually overcome by anxiety, anger and fear. Therefore, children are as vulnerable to domestic violence as their mothers. To gain an overview of the issue, this research aims at concisely reviewing the impact of seeing and falling victim to domestic violence on children. This study focuses on literature relevant to the impact of domestic violence on children, in which children who experience domestic violence do not experience a sense of security, warmth, and love. In fact, domestic violence is also one of the problems that lead children to misbehave such as disobedience, criminality, alcohol addiction, etc. The literature review reveals that domestic violence has consequences on a child’s physical, mental, family, and educational relationships.


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Thanavutd Chutiphongdech, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management International College for Sustainability Studies, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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