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Sudsai Srisakda
Sunee Nguenyuang
Kiatsuda Srisuk
Nampueng Intanate


The objectives of this research were to 1) develop a supervision model to promote the research competencies of vocational education teachers; and 2) study the results from implementation of the model. A sample of 1,222 vocational teachers were selected by multi-stage random sampling. And 24 experts were selected by a specific selection. Tools include questionnaires assessment form for the quality of supervisory model; The data were statistically analyzed by using percentage, mean, standard deviation, and content analysis. Experiments were carried out with 20 vocational teachers, were selected by convenience sampling. Tools include a research competency assessment form, and a questionnaire for teachers’s satisfaction. The data were statistically analyzed by using percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test. The results of the study were as follows; The supervision model consists of six main areas. 1) Contexts comprise principles, which focus on the differences of teachers and on the practice based on their prior knowledge and experience; and objectives, which are to promote, develop, monitor and evaluate teachers’s research competencies of teachers. 2) Contents refer to the research methodology. 3) Personnel comprises supervisors, teachers and supportive staff. 4) Tools contain five sets of supervision forms. 5) Supportive Factors consist of budget, materials and hardware. 6) Process comprises five steps called APIER: Analyzing, Planning, Implementing, Evaluating and Reporting. Regarding the quality of the supervision model in the areas of accuracy, propriety, feasibility and utility, it was found that the overall quality was at the highest level. According to the implementation of the model, the research competencies of teachers after the supervision were higher than those of before the supervision with statistical significance at the level of .01. The satisfaction of teachers toward the supervision model was at the high level.


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