Traits of Chef Characters in Movies about Cooking

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Nisa Buranapawang


The objective of this research was to study the traits of chef characters in movies about cooking. Twelve characters from thirteen movies about cooking from 1994 to 2017 were analyzed. The traits of chef characters that were protagonists in movies were based on 1) personality, 2) context, and 3) perspectives on life and work. According to the analysis, 14 common character traits that can be found in chef movies included: 1) basic knowledge of cooking 2) healthy body 3) being energetic 4) good time management 5) good personality 6) high experience in cooking 7) good business skills 8) good communication and persuasive skills 9) leadership skills 10) creativity 11) problem solving 12) accepting criticism 13) being disciplined 14) having a purpose in life. Although the results revealed that some chef characters may not have all the 14 common traits, they could be successful chefs since they possessed additional attributes, such as professional pride, teamwork skills, and emotional maturity.


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