Management of Commercial Theater in Thailand

  • Suchanwud Kingkaew Doctor of Arts (Art and Culture). Srinakarinwirot University Prit Supasetsiri. Srinakarinwirot University
Keywords: Commercial Theater, Management, Service Marketing Mix


        This research is aimed to explore the impact of service marketing mix (7p’s) in the operations management field of Thai Commercial Theater. The results from in-depth interview with six theater companies found that 1) 83% of Thai theater plays required “Audience Analysis” as priority for pre-production. 2) Common character of becoming a famous play can be concluded as “nostalgia type” which reminds audience of glorious past. 3) Musical is the most popular genre for Thai au- dience. 4) 83% of studied Plays divided ticket price into six levels in order to serve variety group of audiences and promotion found to be best when fit the festival or special occasion. 5) Celebrity Actors are associated with the popularity of the play. 6) External Resource and freelance team are required to support House management. 7) 33.32% of theater companies own their theater while the rest prefer Rental Theater. 8) The most significant element is theater decoration because the audiences often enjoy taking photos and uploading online, this activity will become words of mouth and create good reputation for commercial theater in advance.


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