Narrative Analysis and The Use of Film Language of Ping Lumprapleng

  • Rattawut Malisorn College of Communication Arts, Rangsit University
Keywords: Film, Narrative, Film Language


        The study of “Narrative Analysis and the Use of Film Language of Ping Lamprapheung” was a qualitative research with the objectives to study the narrative methods that were used in the films of Ping Lamprapheung and to study the use of the Film language of Ping Lamprapheung. The research methodology was to analyze the script from 4 films that were directed by Ping Lam- prapheung, which were: Khot Rak Aeng Loei, Khon Hio Hua, Fun Khot Khot, and Sam Yan. The criteria in choosing the film for the study was considered from the films that Ping Lamprapueng had written the script for and directed.

        According to the study, it was found that the narrative methods of the films that were direct- ed by Ping Lamprapheung were 1. Theme, which mostly communicated that life has hope and humans should not give up though encountering the lowest point in life; 2. Conflict, which often related with the love story of lovers or husbands and wives; 3. Character, which can be found in 2 ways: The active character will be strong and self-reliant, but is often selfish and the passive character will be weak and needs love from someone else; 4. Scene, which was found that there was a combination of two parts, which were natural scenes and artificial scenes; 5. Plot, which mostly was the development of plot with no chronological events; 6. Point of view, which can be found in 2 ways: 1. The Objective Narrator and 2. The Omniscient Narrator; 7. Symbol, which was found that all films often used special symbols to convey the power of love and the power of faith in the dream of the character; and 8. Sense of humor, which was found that there were 3 ways: Parody, Slapstick, and Screwball.

        Regarding the research result of the use of language in the films of Ping Lamprapheung, it was found that 1. Light and Shadows often emphasized 3 types of lighting, which were: High Key, Low Key, and Light Directionality; 2. Color, which was found that it often emphasized the use of warm colors because it provided excitement, power, warmth, fun, and appeal; 3. Cinema Photography, which was found that there was the use of medium shots with slight movement of the camera; 4. Editing with the use of 2 types of editing techniques, which were Parallel Cutting and Continuity Cutting; and 5. Sound, which often emphasized natural dialogue and song with lyrics that conformed to the story of the film.


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