Factors contributing to the success of personal brand building and communication of Thai online influencer via Facebook fanpage

  • Passorn Prachayakul Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Keywords: Brand Identity, Brand Communication, Personal Brand, Online Influencers, Facebook Fanpage


        The research aims to study factors contributing to the success in personal brand building and communication of Thai Online Influencers through Facebook fanpages.The research employs qualitative method. In-depth Interview was conducted with online influencers from five different Facebook fanpages. Experts working in the area of brand and digital communication were also interviewed. Moreover, the content analysis of the five fanpages was conducted. Content posted in the period of March to April 2018 was analyzed. Research result indicates that successful per- sonal brand-building involve three related factors which include: building distinctive brand identity, communicating about the brand identity with consistency, and having skillful administration on facebook platform.


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