Behavior for receiving help and support for access to information of Muslims on television stations New TM

  • Napat Wongsumit Faculty of Communication Arts. Kasembundit University
Keywords: Behavior, Information


        The research study on “Behavior for receiving help and support for access to information of Muslims on television stations” with the aim for demographic education. New TM is for the study of viewing of Muslims’s program on television station, Quantitative research using quantitative research methods by using survey research and questionnaires as a tool to collect data and allow the sample group to be self respondents by using statistics in the analysis, the amount of money received and the standard deviation used in the statistical test were t-test and F-test (One Way ANOVA). The researcher determined the sample group by using the criteria from the sample size table of Yamane (1973) with 95% confidence, 5% error in the research. The researcher selected a sample group of Muslim viewers in Bangkok. Which received the program through television stations with the age range between 20-60 years old, using a questionnaire that has been prepared in a total of 400 sets Incidentally grill (Accidental Sampling) to collect data.

        The research found that

        1. Foreign viewers in Bangkok who receive programs through television stations are mostly female, aged between 21-30 years old. The place where the disaster occurred, undergraduate education, occupation, trade, monthly income 10,000 -20,000 baht

        2. Viewing behavior The list of Muslims on the New TV station found that most watch 2-3 days per week, representing 30.30 percent. 1-2 hours representing 44.00 percent. Watch the period 20.01 - 22.00 representing 30.50 percent. Watch cable television with satellite dish Representing 73.00 percent. The talk format (Q&A) is 38.50 percent. Watch the program to get the answer of things they didn’t know (Q&A) at 25.00 percent and watch only the interesting moments. Accounted for 36.50 percent

        3. The need to watch the programs of Muslims in the New Tm television station found that the need to watch the programs of Muslims on the NewTm television station in the program of high demand is to acquire knowledge of religion and Benefit from viewing, The average value is 4.16. For the signal is sound quality and sound clear. The average value is 3.88 and the benefit is to receive religious knowledge. Practice principles and apply religious principles in everyday life with the same average is 4.21

        4. Factors affecting of decision to watch the program of Muslims on New TV television stations found that the products / services The highest requirement is that the host is a credible religious teacher. The average value is 4.19. For the price is the service fee, such as the installation of satellite dishes, the average value is 3.63. For the convenience, contact channels and comments are the way to contact via social media such as Facebook, line. The average value is 3.92. The marketing promotion side is advertising through media such as facebook and youtube, average is 3.64. For personnel are religious knowledge. Was 4.12, For the process is the appropriate layout. The average value is 3.66 and the physical aspect is clear, the average is 3.89


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