Analysis of the Film Language of Found-footage Films

  • Chanaporn Mahasri College of Communication Arts, Rangsit University
Keywords: film language, found-footage films


        The objectives of this research are to study the film language and the style of film director’s presentation in found-footage Films. Realism theory and Neo-Realism are used as theoretical framework of this study. Ten films are selected for being analyzed. The ten films are The Blair Witch Project (1999), [Rec.] (2007), Chronicle (2012), Cloverfield (2008), Project X (2012), Hardcore Henry (2015), Paranormal Activity (2007), Quarantine (2008), Into the Storm (2014) and Unfriended (2014). This found-footage films, there are a mixture of realism films and neo-realism films. Realism films are movies based on presenting the reality and the neo-realism films are the least modified film and focuses on the social issues of the lower classes. The research findings are as follows: 1. Found-Footage Films are using shot, camera angle, angle, camera movement, light and shadow, color, sounds and editing according to the film language. 2. The presentation style of the director’s found-footage films have present the style of realism and neo-realism. However, unlike realist and neo-realist films, social problem issues and humanism are not found in these found-footage films.


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