The Creation Process and Success Factors of a Thai Drama “My Ambulance”

  • Davika Hone College of Communication Arts. Rangsit University
Keywords: Thai Social, Narration, Suphannahong Film Awards


        This qualitative research aims to study the creation process and success factors of a Thai drama, My Ambulance. In-depth interviews, observation, and document analysis were used to collect data and investigate concepts, execution as well as factors determining success in the creation process of this Thai drama. This research reports two major findings. First, the creation process of My Ambulance involves three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. At the first stage, the story was decided to be portrayed through a combination of romance and fantasy with the role of a female lead possessing a special power. The main groups of audience were made up of TV and online viewer. As for casting, the crews were selected based upon their characters, their compatibility and chemistry, their suitability for the role, and their public recognition. After that, the production a ‘Block Shot’ technique, which multiple scenes were organized sequentially a day prior to the shooting day, was also employed in order to save time and budget. Finally, the last stage includes the editing of visual and audio materials and the use of marketing channels to promote the drama. Moreover, further studies reveal three key factors of success in the creation process of My Ambulance. First, given the content explosion and changing media environment, this drama presented a different and more interesting storyline by mixing fantasy with romance. Second, the drama was available on two channels where viewers could leave the comments or a reflection of the drama as a whole. Last, this drama gained competitive advantage from the actors’/actresses’ large fan base on various social media platforms.


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