The Analysis of TV Dramas with Corruption and ‘Hug Detective’ TV Drama Script Writing.

  • Kansinee Pithakwong College of Communication Arts. Rangsit University
Keywords: TV Drama, Cheating, Corruption


        The objectives of the research were to 1) to study and analyze content of TV dramas which were related to cheating and corruption; 2) to write a TV drama script: ‘Hug Detective’. A qualitative research was aiming at analyzing the five TV dramas: Jintapatee (1997), Nua mek 1 (2010), Nua mek 2 (2013), Hongsabudlai (2012), Sarawat-Tuen (2016), and Three days series (2014). The conceptual framework in this research was based on 1) the concept of cheating, corruption and the context of Thai society, 2) the concept of the elements of TV drama, and 3) the concept of TV drama script writing.

        The findings revealed that 1) the main idea of the story was mostly presented through pol- iticians, businessmen, civil servants, policemen, and journalists. These occupations had high potential to be easily involved in corruption, either wrong doing or exposing corruption. The theme of a story was a life ideology and a call for justice. 2) The main issue of TV series about corruption was a conflict of ethical interest. 3) The point of view of stories was presented through the main character where the corruption violated his rights, as well as anyone with an idea and belief where injustice should not be tolerated. 4) The common characteristic of corrupted character was excessively eager, lust of power, voracious, and the focus only on self-benefit. 5) It was mostly found that the corrupted character died at the end or subsequently was brought into justice.

        Based on the results, the creativity process was divided into five steps: 1) a theme creation, 2) a plot and charac- ter development, 3) a treatment development, 4) a script completion, and 5) a checking and correcting process.


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