TAKARA WONG : Communication, Signification and Subculture

  • Lapavee Sarakosala College of Communication Arts. Rangsit University
Keywords: Subculture, TAKARA WONG


        The objective of the research was to study communication, signification of TAKARA WONG brand, and communication among subculture groups. The theoretical framework for the current study included fashion communication theory, signification theory, subculture concept, and brand expression theory. This qualitative research consisted of two sources, including (1) participants: designers and customers in total six people and (2) documents: an analysis on fashion magazine photos, an analysis on dresses which celebrities wore, and videos. The findings revealed that

        1. The inspiration behind TAKARA WONG brand was from the subculture. The Brand Posi- tion was being rebellious. The Brand Identity of TAKARA WONG expressed five signs, such as a bright red color, silver pin, etc. All five signs had related meanings which were rebellions and differences. The brand expression was consistent with the same direction. It could be concluded that the brand had a clear, memorable expression which led to the selection of the brand’s clothes by other organizations, contributing to artists who had the same identities as the brand.

        2. The results regarding the subculture group could be concluded that their identities were consistent with the brand since the target group was individuals who were interested in dressing. This target group’s motivation was closely similar to the brand as well, namely difference, being different, and passion in music rooted in rock mainly.

        It can be concluded that this subculture group accepted the signification of the brand into dressing themselves according to the intention of the brand. It was also the mixture of other ac- cessories where identities or purposes were matched with each individual. The major meaning of the TAKARA WONG brand clearly represented being rebellious.


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