Discipline of Teachers and Educational Personnel.

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ทศพร มูลรัตน์


                This article aims to study the disciplinary process and the rights of teacher and educational personnel. The study was based on document research. And research from the research. Discipline of Teachers and Educational Personnel In case of Any other act that is named as a serious offender. The study found that the law that regulates the disciplinary process and the rights of teachers and educational personnel is related to several laws, such as the Act of the Teachers and Educational Personnel Act BE 2547, Administrative Procedure Act  BE 2539, Establishment of the Administrative Court and Administrative Procedure Act BE 2542, Rule of the Tertiary Investigation Commission, BE 2550 and Order of the Head of the National Peace Corps. Teachers and educational personnel can not understand the steps. In disciplinary action, including the legal right to conduct disciplinary action, it is easy. It is recommended that the amendment of the law on the disciplinary action of teachers and educational personnel should be made more explicit.


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