The judicial process of the Thai Administrative Court, Study case temporary method before judgment.

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          The purpose of this research is to study the rules and procedures of the temporary procedures before judicial review in the Administrative Court. And the rule that the Administrative Court will order the protection of a temporary measure before the judgment in the Administrative Court. For the sake of finding a way to develop a transitory method before judging in the Administrative Court for the protection of the rights and interests of the parties. This research is documentary research. The scope of the content is the Act Establishing Administrative Courts and Judicial Procedures B.E. 2542. And the rules of the meeting of judges of the Supreme Administrative Court. As well as the judgment or order of the Administrative Court relating to the temporary injunction before the Administrative Court ruling.            

            The study found that in a trial, the parties could ask the court to determine a temporary measure before the trial. To remedy the enforcement of rules or administrative orders of the governing. For temporary relief, the court shall order the measures or means of protecting the interests of the applicant during the consideration or enforcement of the judgment. However, the temporary trial before the judge still has defects, can not protect the rights and interests of the parties effectively, so it is necessary to amend the temporary method before the judgment. According to the Act on the Establishment of the Administrative Courts and the Administrative Court Procedure B.E. 2542 And the Rules of the Judicial Council of the Supreme Administrative Court on Administrative Procedure B.E. 2543


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