The Issues of the Law Enforcement Related to the Energy Drilling and the Cultural Heritage Protection

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In the case of a private company, there is a plan to drill a pit for petroleum production near the Si Thep Historical Park. Phetchabun Province, which is the current news from February to March 2019. Arising from the case of the Department of Mineral Fuels granted concession to Ecoion Resources (Thailand) Company Limited under the Petroleum Act BE 2514 which has the right to operate in the petroleum operations in the district area Wichian Buri And Si Thep District Phetchaboon From July 17, 2003 and received the petroleum production area on 8 February 2018. The company plans to drill additional petroleum wells located in the Si Thep Nuea production area. Away from the satellite pagoda of Maha Stupa, Khao Klang Nok (part of the Si Thep Historical Park), approximately 100 meters .The company has conducted an environmental impact assessment EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment ). Which is an environmental impact analysis report to complete the process of approving petroleum drilling, causing many parties to worry The rigs will affect the Khao Khlang Nueng archaeological site in the Si Thep Historical Park. Si Thep Historical Park, which is currently requesting to be registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Such event is a reflection of the non-coordination between the relevant government agencies that caused the objection and there is no government agency to make any decision on such conflict until causing the private company to suspend the project among Question Why does the government agency, legal holders, have no coordination between departments for clarity of work.


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