The process of alien rights under Thailand Official Information Act, B.E. 2540, in order to access Legal person status.

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ดร.ไพรัช ธีระชัยมหิทธิ์


     Official Information Law has granted rights to people in order to access the government information which has been collected by government agencies, especially, the personal information. The subject of Official Information Law not only Thai citizen, but also including foreigners who are residents in Thailand as well.  Therefore, the alien Shall have the right and be granted the rights under Thai Official Information Law as well as Thai people, at the same time, if an alien who does not have a residence in Thailand he will not be able to exercise the rights under the official information law.

     Although the law certifies the rights of foreigners who residing in Thailand, according to the Official Information law, But still found problems against their rights, such as  the government agency refuses to correct the personal information of the alien, government officer do not have sufficient knowledge and understanding in compliance with the official information law, or the stakeholders themselves do not have the understanding of the legal rights they have. Leading to problems of inability to develop their legal person status, for this reason, the official information law is an important law to develop the legal persons status of aliens who are in Thailand, by the alien that can claim legal rights in order to adjust or change their personal information, that the government agencies hold, to be true and accurate so that they can use it to further develop their legal status


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