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Dan Wu


With the advent of the 3.0 Internet information age, digital technology is profoundly changing the way we work, live and learn. Online classroom is an innovative way of teaching using Internet resources and technology, and music teaching is also constantly exploring and innovating on this basis. The online vocal music teaching situation transforms inherent course knowledge into vivid life forms. Based on the characteristics of online video interactive teaching and digital system iterative updates, optimized vocal music teaching situations can better promote children's learning experience and all-round development. This article aims to explore what kind of situations are needed for online children’s vocal music classroom teaching and how to construct situations to improve children’s core vocal literacy. Use empirical research combined with case analysis to generate a theoretical model of teaching situations, explore the relationship between different teaching situation designs in online classrooms and children's vocal music teaching, provide effective measurement tools and research methods for online children's vocal music teaching research, and provide effective measurement tools and research methods for online vocal music course classroom situations. Design, effective vocal classroom establishment, and scientific teaching methods provide valuable strategies and references.

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