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Xianguo Lyu


Abstract: This article takes agricultural irrigation governance as an example to explore the impact of organizational fairness and trust on the participation of farmers in agricultural irrigation governance behavior. Research has found that:(1) organizational fairness has a significant positive impact on the participation of farmers in agricultural irrigation governance.The impact of distribution fairness on cooperative supply among farmers is most significant, while interactive fairness has a significant positive impact on interpersonal interaction among farmers.(2)Organizational fairness not only has a direct positive impact on the participation of farmers in agricultural irrigation governance, but also indirectly enhances their willingness and degree to participate in agricultural irrigation governance by promoting social trust among farmers.Further testing shows that social trust partially mediates the relationship between organizational fairness and farmer participation in agricultural irrigation governance behavior.(3)The role of village level governance mechanisms in agricultural irrigation management is not satisfactory.The above research conclusions help to understand the impact mechanism of farmer participation in farmland irrigation governance under the new normal, enrich academic literature in related fields, and have reference significance for promoting farmland irrigation construction in China.

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