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Muzige Cai


To meet the needs of applied talents in China, the education system for cultivating applied talents in private universities in Yunnan Province, China, is developing rapidly. The fifth collective study on building China into an educational power emphasized that high-quality development should be adhered to as a key component of all types of education at all levels. The lifeline of education is to accelerate the construction of a high-quality education system. To strengthen education, we must first strengthen teachers. Young teachers are currently the largest group of teachers in private universities in Yunnan and are a key factor in improving the quality and development of private universities in Yunnan. If you want to improve their educational capabilities, you must first pay attention to their educational benefits and stand at the level of their actual professional survival status. To look at the changes affected by teachers’ professional development and school development. This article uses qualitative research methods to investigate and obtain interview data about the actual professional living conditions of young teachers in private universities in Yunnan and conducts procedural coding to explore how to train young teachers in private universities, understand the professional survival status of young teachers, and from the perspective of field capital sociology theory, conduct an in-depth analysis of how the "capital" they possess affects their professional survival status, the characteristics of the professional survival field in which they are located, and their education in private universities. The relationship between capital allocation in the field and their professional survival status.

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