Knowledge of native chicken farmers for entering Thailand's organic livestock standards in Phetchaburi Province


  • Phisit Suvarnaphaet -


Native Chicken, Organic Livestock, Knowledge


The purpose of this study is to assess native chicken farmers’ knowledge for them to meet Thailand’s organic livestock standards. The samples used in the study were collected from 385 native chicken farmers in Phetchaburi province. A survey is used as the research instrument, and data is analyzed using computer programs. The statistics used are mean, standard deviation, and percentages. The results showed that native chicken farmers produced an average score of 16.82 out of 21, with the highest score being 20 points. The lowest score is 11 points (Min. = 11, Max. = 20, Mean = 16.82, SD = 2.59). The application of such knowledge should be made clear to chicken farmers for them to understand the fundamental concept of organic livestock and its application.


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