Slash Chord

  • Teerus Laohverapanich Conservatory of Music, Rangsit University
Keywords: Slash Chord, Improvisation, Jazz Music


              An academic article, slash chord, aims to explain a slash chord consisting of major triad. The focus is on displaying and explaining a relationship between slash chord and various type modes or scales thus, the notes from modes or scale can be used to match in each type of slash chord. And also explaining a method of slash chord can be substituted an original chord in a chord progression and managing a level of dissonance on slash chord which can be categorized in to 3 levels on these following 1) Consonance slash chord 2) Mildly dissonance slash chord 3) Dissonance slash chord. In composition, slash chords are widely used among modern jazz music, which help more on sound color, feeling, and expanding a sound to be more interesting, fresher and pleasant to listen to.


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