Arranging of HM King Rama IX’s “Friday Night” Rag for Symphony Orchestra

  • Woraket Tagosa School of Music, Assumption University
Keywords: HM King Rama IX’s Composition, Friday Night Rag, Arranging


          Arranging of HM King Rama IX’s “Friday Night” Rag for Symphony Orchestra is arranged for the Royal Thai Air Force Concert for “Chaipattana”, a charity concert at raising funds for the Chaipattana Foundation, performed by the RTAF Symphony Orchestra at Thailand Cultural Center in 2011. The arrangement is influenced by musical genres such as classical, ragtime, jazz, and blues. The arrangement of the composition and arranging materials are based on the idea of ensemble setting, melodic and rhythmic syncopations, ragtime harmonies, swing feel, melodic manipulation, improvisation, imitative counterpoint, guide-tone line, closed and opened voicings, drop voicing, spread voicing, quartal harmony, cluster, tension chords, and polyphonic and homophonic textures. The purpose of the arrangement is to apply for a symphony orchestra and a Dixieland jazz band which utilized the concepts of twentieth century music, combining the elements of classical music, ragtime, jazz, and blues. Resulting are a unique contemporary music arrangement, creating new knowledge, and music research guidelines. The research results were successful according to the objectives and scope of research in all aspects.


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