The The Analysis and Performance Practice of Maurice Ravel: La Valse for Two Pianos


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  • Sasi Pongsarayuth Faculty of fine and applied arts, Chulalongkorn university


La Valse, Ravel, Two Pianos


          La Valse for Two Pianos by Maurice Ravel was transcribed from its orchestral version, originally composed for a ballet. Outstanding composition techniques and colorful orchestration in both versions make La Valse one of Ravel’s most significant works. The performance of this composition for two pianos requires advanced playing skills, good ensemble technique and deep understanding of impressionism musical style. The objective of this research is to seek advanced performance techniques and in-depth interpretation of the piece by studying the biography of the composer, background of the song, the relation between music and art in impressionism style, as well as creative interpretations and feedback of the performance. The playing techniques and creative interpretations in this research help researcher achieve their objectives for presenting their work to the public. Moreover, the researcher received praise and advice from audiences on and off-campus.


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