Ethical principles for editorials:

  • Perform their role in a professional and transparent manner.
  • Evaluate articles for their originality and intellectual contents.
  • Choose reviewers who have expertise in the relevant field and are likely to provide a fair and high-quality review.


Ethical principles for authors:

  • Make sure you know how to write a good research/ academic paper; read and learn from papers published in recognized journals.
  • Submissions should contain credible research results with comprehensive description of methodology.
  • Authors are responsible for the contents of their articles.
  • All kinds of plagiarism and copyright infringement are unacceptable.


Ethical principles for reviewers:

  • Provide a fair, unbiased, critical and constructive criticism about papers under review.
  • Reviewers should regard their work as an opportunity to share their experiences with colleagues in academic community as well as to help young scholars improve quality of their papers.