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วรุณี เชาวน์สุขุม


The objectives of the research were 1. To study the cultural capital of Mon food in Pathumthani province; 2. To conserve, develop, and add value to the raw materials for food from the wisdom of Mon; and 3.Brand development and marketing of the community products to the digital economy. The research was divided into 3 sub-sets according to the objectives of the research. The research methodologies were qualitative research, quantitative research, and experimental research. The qualitative research consisted of in-depth questionnaire with the philosophers in the Mon community and with community enterprises. The quantitative research consisted of the questionnaire with the target group, which were the Mon community and people in Pathumthani province. The research results found that:

  1. Regarding the cultural capital of Mon food in Pathumthani province, Mon food was unique and had been carried on for a long time. Mon food in Thailand was mixed with the wisdom of Thai food. The Mon food that were widespread were Khanom Chin, Khao Chae, Elephant Apple Curry, and Roselle Curry. The most important food was Pla Ra Mon because of its deliciousness and it can be used to flavor other food, such as Pla Ra Lon.

The conservation development and adding value to the raw materials for food from the wisdom of Mon were Pla Ra Mon and Elephant Apple. It was found that Pla Ra Mon can be conserved and developed by compressing Pla Ra Mon into lumps in the form of semi-manufacturing. From the result of the sensory test, it was found that the testers had agreed that the color, smell, and taste of compressed Pla Ra Mon was not different from the original form of Pla Ra Mon. When cooking with Pla Ra Lon according to Mon recipe, the approach to add 

  1. value to Pla Ra Mon in terms of commercial was continued. For the time extension of the preservation of Elephant Apple to consume during the off-season, there was a study about the chemical and physical components and the boiling temperature and time. It was found that the petals of the dried Elephant Apple were hard and had a dark brown color. The rate of reversion was low with slight mucilage. Therefore, when boiling the dried Elephant Apple, the taste will not be the same.

  2. In the brand development and marketing in two community enterprises, it was found that the community enterprise which sells Thai sweet cereal bar (Khanom Krayasat) can develop the original brand to look modern and satisfy the members. The presentation of the new package by changing the style of box can lead to sales in the group with high purchasing power through online sales. In the community enterprise of farm women who sell coriander leaves mainly used in curry paste, the brand was designed and the package was changed from plastic bag to zip bag to provide a more professional look. The study of the product development factors and the marketing mix factors had a positive relationship with the digital economy marketing.


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