A Study of Identity of Northern and Northeastern Regions through Song Literature

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Anan Lakun


This study aimed to explore identity of northern and northeastern region through the song literature. The result of study revealed that there was identity of northern and northeastern regions in 7 categories as follows: legend and history, geography, belief and religion, language and literature, music and dramatic art, tradition and lifestyle, representation of beauty, economics and society as follows: In northern region, there was identity of legend and history, and representation of beauty, music and dramatic art, geography, respectively, and representation of such identity resulted in perception of people toward northern region as the land of culture with long and glorious history , which was different from the northeastern region, in which representation of economics and society was mostly found, which was followed by music and dramatic art, tradition and lifestyle respectively, which resulted in perception of people toward northern region as the land of dessert and pervert, where people have to migrated and struggled to earn money, which was represented as the lower class of people. It could be said that construction of concept thinking to use society of northern region and northeastern region in different angle resulted in viewpoint and perception of people both within and outside society, and though both regions have different concepts, the song literature of both regions, in turn, was full of pride of nativism which resulted mostly in the system of thinking and sense of nativism of native people.


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