Sexual Orientation of the Characters in YAOI Novels

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Suchaya Wongwet
Warawat Sriyabhaya
Boonyong Ketthet
Santi Pakdeekham


The article Sexual Orientation of The Characters in YAOI Novels, a partial to the study on      Constructive Techniques and Love Life Themes of the Characters in Thai YAOI Novels. The conceptual framework for analysis were sexuality and gender diversity in YAOI Novels, aimed  to  study sexual orientation or gender diversity of the characters in  fifteen Thai YAOI novels. The results revealed that this novel employed 3 types of sexual orientation i.e. 1) Homosexual 2) Bisexual 3) Queer. Which shows that the Sexual Orientation of The Characters in YAOI Novel are diverse, Is presented as a person that is not different to create an understanding of human sexual desire.   


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Wongwet ส., Sriyabhaya ว., Ketthet บ., & Pakdeekham ศ. (2020). Sexual Orientation of the Characters in YAOI Novels. Wiwitwannasan Journal of Language and Culture, 4(2), 27–58. Retrieved from
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