Multidisciplinary Wisdom in Health Care Accordance with the Isan Lifestyle

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Krisada Sridharmma
Chettha Chakchai
Sarin Thongthummachat
Oranuch Wongwattanasathien
Metta kengchuwong
Naiyana Pratoomrat
Pariya Nilsaengrat


This article aimed to explain the ways of thinking and practices in wisdom knowledge management in mental health care of Isan people with a multidisciplinary approach. From the study, it was found that Isan folk medicine from the past to the present had 3 types of mental health care. It was composed of 1) group of physical and mental patients 2) group of mental patients that affected the body 3) neurological patients. From this reason, Isan people from the past to the present searched for a way to maintain holistic mental health with a multidisciplinary course by applying various disciplines, such as arts, pharmaceutical sciences, religious education, ethics, theology, ghost science, psychology, law, etc. The wisdom in each branch of science was to manage knowledge and health care of patients in order to Isan people had good strong and complete physical and mental health. Furthermore, it was to create a caring society and support the role of Isan folk doctor to the present.


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Sridharmma ก., Chakchai เ., Thongthummachat ศ. ., Wongwattanasathien อ. ., kengchuwong เ. ., Pratoomrat น. ., & Nilsaengrat ป. (2020). Multidisciplinary Wisdom in Health Care Accordance with the Isan Lifestyle. Wiwitwannasan Journal of Language and Culture, 4(1), 53–79. Retrieved from
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