Review of the book Language and Maeaning

  • Somsak Phansiri มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏบุรีรัมย์
Keywords: Language, Meaning, Sematic Study of Word


The Language and Meanings is an academic work of Associate Professor Dr. Chatchawadee Saralamba, which is divided into 4 parts: part 1 dealing with a study of meaning, part 2 dealing with meaning of word, part 3 dealing with meaning of sentence, and part 4 dealing with meaning in context, with total 8 chapters arranged in a continuous order. The overall content of this book discusses the basic concepts of semantic study, concepts of Language, and the semantic study of language at different levels, the semantic study of word, semantic relationship of word, semantic analysis of words, semantic study of sentence, meaning and use of language. The author has compiled the content based on the ideas and theories of Western scholars, but gives her own examples in the context of Thai language.


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Saralamba, C. (2019). Phasa kap khwammai (In Thai) [Language and Meaning] (3rd ed.). Bangkok: Thammasat University Press.
Wongthai, N. (2020). Phasa kap khwammai (In Thai) [Language and Meaning] (3rd ed.). Bangkok: K.C. Interpress.
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