The invented tradition of Northeastern Communities in Mekong basin

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sinsup yuenyaw


A textbook on the tradition of invented tradition in the Isan Mekong community was written from research based on the Mekong River basin in the 7 Isan provinces through the conceptual framework of an invented tradition along with other folklore concepts to explain the results of the study. This textbook is suitable for those interested in many fields such as Language and Linguistics, Folklore, Social Development, Culture, Tourism, Anthropology and Sociology. The results of the study revealed a complex in the way of building thinking and creating dynamics of traditions in terms of their origin, content, Ideology and interpretation as well as the power and discourses that embedded in the tradition. It is a valuable textbook with knowledge and research approach that cannot be missed in the 21st century.


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yuenyaw, sinsup. (2020). The invented tradition of Northeastern Communities in Mekong basin. Wiwitwannasan Journal of Language and Culture, 4(3), 255–271. Retrieved from
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